Tuesday, September 13, 2011

just a regular old entry

Something about the coming of Fall -- still off in the distant, but hopefully not TOO distant future -- has sparked yet ANOTHER attempt to get back to journaling.  It also helps that I'm now working at a paper goods store which has the largest selection of journals I can ever remember seeing all in one place at one time. 

I can't count the number of times I've tried to be a good journalist throughout my whole life, and just could ever keep it up.  So many times I've been convinced I'd do it if I just had this or that pretty new journal, but all of them only have a few entries in them.  I've often used the excuse that "I'd rather be living my life, not journaling about it," but that's just stupid.  I've really admired friends and roommates I've had over the years who were so dutiful about writing entries every evening.  The best I've ever done was keeping up with my Xanga (yeah, remember those??) for a couple of years.  I would skip a month or two sometimes when I got really busy or had a lot of activities going on, but I love going back and reading how ridiculous my college life was.  And the enjoyment I get out of reading the journal entries I HAVE written only tells me how much I really should be doing it consistently. 

My latest idea is that I need a Day Journal, one of those that you just write a few lines on each day so you can remember what you did on that day or what your agenda was.  I feel like I could start with something like that, simple and not too time consuming, and maybe slowly build to longer entries.

yeah.  I know what you're thinking.... not likely.

That's the problem with a blog.  It's public.  It's "out there."  And there's this unspoken pressure to always write interesting stuff about your life, your business, or whatever it is you "blog about."  Sometimes I want to just write a blog entry like this one that just says "this is what I did today."  Or "today I got up, went to work, came home, had dinner, and went to bed."  But we all know that wouldn't keep anyone entertained for long.

Well, tough.  All of that up there ... I can't figure out how make an arrow pointing up, so just imagine it.... was just the preface to this:

Today I got up late (a luxury of living less than 10 minutes from where you work and not having to be there until 10am).  I let Oscar out to enjoy the sunshine in the backyard while I got dressed for work.  Tim was already gone.  He's been working days this week which means he has to leave at 7:30am and doesn't get home until 8:30pm.  This is our routine.  Tim walks Oscar in the morning, then Oscar gets back in bed with me for a few hours to cuddle after Tim leaves.  O-town gets a few more precious minutes outside to bark and play while I put on makeup and get dressed.  Then I'm off to the paper store from 10am-6pm.  I work the registers, I help people pick out stationary or find a gift for their Mom or Wife, and I answer stupid questions.  Today I helped a lady pick out non-gender specific paper for a same-sex wedding reception.  I also heard all about her feelings on the matter.  Yay me.  I also restock and dust and organize "the wares."  Pretty soon I should know how to take custom orders, so if you need to have a custom designed invitation for your baby shower or 50th birthday party - ask for me! (well, not yet...)  I watch the clock waiting for it to be 6pm when I get to clock out and come home.  Oscar is waiting for me on the couch.  Usually, he bites my hand he's so excited to see me.  We walk so he can poop.  Then I put my feet up for a while, usually watching Netflix, but mostly killing time until Tim gets home.  We talk about our day a little bit.  Sometimes sit on our deck and watch Oscar bark at squirrels in the backyard.  And we go to bed early.  Or if Tim is working nights, we eat dinner and say goodbye and then Oscar and I get in bed and watch movies.

Nope.  Not journal worthy.  Show of hands - who read this all the way to the end?