About Me

Writing about yourself is so much harder than talking about yourself. You have even less control over how the information you choose to share is interpreted and remembered. Whenever I've been asked to write a bio in the past, whether for show programs, speaker engagements, websites, or job applications, it seems unfair that I basically have to toot my own horn. I'd much rather someone else tooted my horn, but that's also a weird question to pose to your friends.

But if you must know, here are the words I would use to describe who I am.

Wife - to my husband, Tim. We've been married since March 2011.

Mom - to my dog, Oscar. He's 8 years old, and gets referenced often here as "Mr. Dog," "O-town," "Oscarpants," and "Little Dude." It's no secret that we are infatuated with him.

Planner - I'm an event planner by trade, mostly I design and plan weddings.

Designer - I think in design terms. Even my spreadsheets look pretty.

This blog should serve as my autobiography. If you read it, you will get to know who I am. At least, that's the point - right? This was the place I created to document who I am, the shape my life takes, and the experiences I leave behind.

My last name is White. 
This is my place to make alittleNoise. 
About anything. 

I hope you'll bring a tambourine and join in the caterwauling.


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