Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cute As A Button Baby Shower Theme

Happy Sunday!  I'll share a secret . . . today I might be going to the Bridal Extravaganza here in Austin!  If I do, don't worry local Brides, I'll be sure to share the deets.  Meanwhile, apparently it is the week for collages.  This is for all my expecting & mommy friends.  I'm sure you get sick of me talking weddings, so I opted for something a little more "button" oriented for today's post.  See you Monday!

{cute as a button baby shower theme}

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Aren't those little shoes and silver button necklace adorable?  Great shower gifts.  I thought this shower would be the perfect time for a craft project, like maybe creating a button clock to take home?  And that framed letter A made from buttons is pretty easy for an expecting mom to make for her baby's nursery and looks delightful.  The button-rose bush centerpieces can be color coordinated to your theme colors!

One last thing . . .

Didn't your grandmother ever tell you that you were "cute as a button"?  Well, maybe YOU weren't, but I sure was!  Just take a look at my over-abundant cuteness, including my "Little Sister" t-shirt with my own handprints on it.  

Can you deny it?  Too bad it wore off.

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