Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding 26.2: a Marathon

Ah, me!  One summer wedding down.  I'll have a photo infested wedding recap from this past weekend as soon as I get some from Greenleaf Images, but till then my commentary will have to do.

The wedding was held at the groom's parent's house, complete with covered patio and lovely pool and rolling lawn.  I loved the set up, except for what it meant for me: up and down stairs and hilly grass all night long.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, and aside from the fact that the flower girls walked so slowly that the Bride, escorted by her mother, passed them up, everything went off flawlessly.

Now we're two days later and my legs and feet still haven't recovered....I feel like a walked a marathon.  BUT, it was worth it!  I had fabulous help from the Honey and Carisa, who took initiative wherever they saw it was needed and probably made a lot of things happen I will never know about!  They were a great team to have my back and I could not have done it without them.  We were all royally sweaty by the end of the evening, I felt like I had melted (so much for spending 45 minutes on my hair), but we did our jobs to the highest degree (pun intended).

There was so much reward to sending a bride and groom off at the end of the evening, about to push them out the front door to make their exit, and have them both stop to hug and thank me for making everything happen.  That was the surprise in the evening for me.  I hadn't stopped to think about what I was doing in that way for them, all day long (Well, I hadn't really stopped PERIOD), and it was very rewarding.  I knew that's why I wanted to help people with their "big days," but I hadn't prepared myself for their appreciation.  Sounds RE-diculous, but it made every sore muscle and drop of sweat worth it to see them married and happy and on their way.

My favorite part of the whole day was getting to stand with the wedding party before the processional and watched them do a "go team" huddle and then send them out one by one.  There was, of course, a pause before I sent the bride and her mother off down the aisle, and I .loved. getting to be there for that moment.  To see the nerves and excitement mixed together on the bride's face, and the mother's strength and reassurance in her grip on her daughter's arm, and get to say "Take a deep breath and smile!"

Okay.... weddingness aside.  DESIGN *SPONGE has a book coming out and it's available for presale NOW!!  Go and order it.  You will not be disappointed.  Here is the book trailer.  Grace Bonney is just too adorable for words.

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