Monday, June 6, 2011

MishMash + Thankfulness

This is just a little bit of filler post..... a mishmash.... just the way I love it.

This weekend our good friends Danielle & Rob came to visit.  My parents went to Santa Fe, NM to visit my younger sister, and even though Tim and I now have our own place we had already agreed to house-sit.  So imagine staying with your parents for 6 months like big fat moochers, suddenly locating and leasing your own house, and then not being able to fully move in because of a prior commitment!  Oh the frustration!  Oh the irony.  But, it ended up really swell.  First, I go insane when it comes to unpacking.  If we had moved in and stayed moved in I would have been up 24/7 unpacking, decorating, detailing, and cleaning my little heart out.  Everything has to find it's new little home within its new home before I can rest easy.  So this time moving was really pretty relaxed because I knew in my little brain that we were going to literally move stuff in, dump it, and leave.  Wheeeew.  No room for OCD, anal-retentive, amazing unpacker Laurel.  She just had to wait. 

In the meantime, since we were stuck house-sitting, Danielle and Rob were gracious enough to come visit and occupy us.  How thankful we are for kind, generous, fun, and positively-minded friends like D&R.  Danielle & Tim got to know one another in Lubbock during college.  Then I met both of them on a road trip to California the summer of 2007.  Not only did I meet my future husband, but I met an amazing friend....what a lucky trip!  And Danielle married a real winner in Rob.  They are the lovely couple that sang and played at our wedding.  Details... ANYWAY....  it was a beautiful weekend of absolute nothingness.  We sat on the porch with frozen margaritas.  We took Oscar down to the river and watched him dominate the rapids going after his squeaky ball.  We cooked and ate.  We watched stupid TV shows.  We had some philosophical conversations (mostly over margaritas).

After the weekend, Tim and I realized that it has been a really long time since we just enjoyed each other, enjoyed our friends, and relaxed.  I also think we laughed a good deal, and nothing is better for relaxation than laughter.  Now that we are making another big push tomorrow to move in, I'm really thankful for those past few days of relaxation and enjoyment.

The other thing I'm really thankful for is this: 7 Centerpieces - The White Wedding Part 1
And this: 7 Centerpieces - The White Wedding Part II

Our first feature on a blog!  Sure, it's a sorta new somewhat, small blog, but it's a start.  And I'm so proud of everyone who contributed to making our wedding day something to be celebrated, not only by us, but by other brides and wedding lovers out there.  We have some other features coming up, so stay posted!  In the meantime, head on over to 7 Centerpieces via facebook or and become a fan or a subscriber.  Kourtney has dedicated her new blog to Texas weddings (and we all know they are some of the most creative, laid-back, and fun weddings to be had). : )

Also thankful for this.......

                           ......100 fans... all in a matter of weeks.  We are off to a good start, me thinks.

Well, Happy Monday, everyone!  Pray that we don't break any legs off our furniture or lose anything important on the highway tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and P.S. Happy Birthday to my Hubby tomorrow.... !

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  1. Well that was really nice to me and rob! We loved y'all. We just kept saying, We needed this so much and Im so glad we have couple friends we get along with so well.. I think those margs were magical :)