Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Styled & Pretty!

Well, it was like Christmas morning today as the post about our White Wedding went live on Style Me Pretty Blog.  For those of you who don't constantly live in the world of weddings, they are probably "the ultimate" wedding blog.  That is, in fact, what they call themselves.  The creator started blogging on weddings in 2006 and is now a multimillionaire.  If you're interested follow this link to watch a (tangent!) video on blogging as a career, with an interview with Abby Larson (creator of SMP).

When I first started visiting their page regularly they were posting 5 weddings a day.  That was a year ago in May.  Now they post 10 weddings a day and that's only on their "main blog."  They have grown so quickly and receive so many submissions (400 a week) that in only one year they have also added "local blogs" for each state and now categorize by major cities as well.  We were featured on the Style Me Pretty: Texas Weddings local blog, categorized by Austin (my choice), and while they only shared a snippet of what I spent hours writing.... well, there it is in all its glory!

I'm very proud.  Of everyone!  Sure I submitted it, but it isn't just MY wedding.  Our wedding was created and participated in by so many unique and creative people.  Credit is due all around.  But since pride is a sin, I will probably have to ask for forgiveness and start anew tomorrow.

And tomorrow brings new and wonderful things for the wedding business!  I'm meeting with a new client who is having a November (love that month!) wedding at a beautiful location in San Antonio.  Can't wait to see what we scheme up together, but I'm thrilled and excited to get started.

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