Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stealing Beauty

I am guilty.  Why yes, I am a thief.

{and no, I'm not talking about the nail polish that I accidentally forgot I zipped up in the makeup bag I was also buying from Target a few weeks ago and walked out with it FREE}

I steal ideas.  And I'm not afraid to say it.

Hell, I'm blogging about it, so clearly I'm not self-conscious about it.  Isn't it amusing, how most people are eager to have an idea first.? Have you noticed how competitive we are?  Sure, that's always nice (to be first)... and to the Einsteins of the world... I hate you.  Rarely do I have brilliant ideas first, but I'm sure brilliant at hunting them down!

Thanks to Pinterest we're all thieves.  I mean, Pinterest just took the idea of copyright and threw it straight out of the window.  Now when I see works of art or people's homes or beautiful photographs, I have no idea who made them, built them, or took them.  But am I gonna use them?  Yup.  In fact, Pinterest is just about the best pick-me-up in the world.  After only 10 minutes I'm feeling so inspired by all the beauty and possibilities for my home, garden, and wardrobe that I'm really quite beside myself.

I think it's quite possible to become OVERSTIMULATED by Pinterest.  I get so many ideas for DIY projects and crafts or events I want to plan, that I really can't do anything but run in circles.  So I started a RainyDayResource board to give me ideas on those days when I really have nothing better to do.  Here are some finds for this week:

Great idea for how to save cards and letters in an organized manner.

This is someone's innovative (and green!) form of a fence.  A stock tank on wheels.

Herb markers that won't fade and blend in nicely.

Source: None via Laurel on Pinterest

Binder clips repurposed....What can I say except: BRILLIANT.

Bacon, Egg, and Toast cups....Yes please!

I'm working on this....

I think if Tim saw this there would be no turning back.

Who needs a rainy day? Monkey Bread NOW!

And just as a side note... I can always tell, thanks to Pinterest, who is bored at work.

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