Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am in FULL NESTING MODE.  So watch out.

I had this amazing energy yesterday -- where has that been since the wedding?? -- and it was put to very good use.  When we arrived at our new rental house 703 this morning, it was already blazing hot.  We had to get creative to get in the front door since our key did not appear to work.  Let's just say... it was pretty easy to break into our house.

Hubby and the FIL made three trips and we still only have about 1/3 of our furniture in the house!  While they were loading and driving and unloading (repeat), I was vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, and singing.  Loudly.  I wanted the neighbors to know what to expect . . . .

Oscar helped, too.
I love to clean.  But mostly, I like the end result.  Next to cleaning, nothing gives me greater satisfaction when moving than to help objects find their new home, as well.  As I was taking out dishes and precious little things and setting them about, each step just made our place feel more like . . . well, our place!

However, I still have a long To Do list.  The list is long and the work will be hard.  But unlike with other places I've rented and lived, I do not feel that crazy sense of urgency that I have before to get everything done immediately.  I know that manicuring the lawn, planting a garden, and setting up a patio is going to take time.  I know that finding the right spot for furniture in our oddly shaped bedroom is going to take creativity, and possibly multiple rearrangements.  I know that the bathroom makes me cringe and something will have to be done.  But I want to enjoy it all . . . over time.  I feel like this is truly our first HOME.  I tried really hard with very limited resources to make all four of our previous residences homey.  But when you know you aren't staying . . . it's really hard to care quite as much.

This time, we're staying.  This time, I care.  A lot.  And twig by twig the nest will come together.

To Do (hopeful):

  • refinish floors
  • new coats of paint or touch ups
  • bathroom re do (tile, flooring, sink)
  • new kitchen flooring
  • seal windows and doors for energy efficiency
  • clean up back yard, put in permanent veggie garden area, plant flower garden
  • gravel driveway
  • trim bushes in front of house
  • strip closet of the oldest wall paper you've ever seen
  • curtains for all big windows -- I count a minimum of 15
There's more, but that's the initial list!  All per landlord approval, too.  Happy Nesting!

Don't they look good there?

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