Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Love You to Pizzas!

Inspired by a fellow blogger's weight watcher's pizza recipe (found here), I decided to try my own.  Holly's was sized for a personal pan pizza, but knowing I would be feeding 2 1/2 people - because Tim eats enough for at least half of another human being - I decided I need to go full sized.

I guess I should share, perhaps the obvious: I am "sort of" doing weight watchers.  I paid for 3 months of the online membership at a discounted rate, and February is my second month.  I'm easing into it, and it's been very hard for me to not only follow it to the number, but do the daily tracking.  I find it much easier to just count calories, but that doesn't always help you eat healthier.  I do think that it's helping me plan more meals, cook more at home, and think more about what's being put into my mouth.  Some days I've done really well, and others I've literally said "screw it" and driven myself to Sonic for happy hour.  And I haven't lost any weight and kept it off.  Clearly, Happy Hour is happening much too often.

I'm determined to do better in February.  This will probably also be aided by working out, which the Hubs and I are also determined to do regularly.  I purchased a one-month unlimited boot camp deal off Living Social, and we figured we couldn't show up for that without a liiiiittle preliminary "get in shape" effort.  I know I'll get my butt kicked, but I don't want to kill myself on day one.

BUT.... here is the pizza "recipe."

I used H-E-B brand everything, so this was also super cheap.  And I have enough ingredients left over to make at least another one, possibly two more, which is awesome because the crusts come 2 to a pack.  I layered the spinach in between two layers of cheese, to help it cook down a bit.  The rest of the veggies I just sprinkled mostly on top with the pepperoni.  It bakes for 12-15 minutes.
1  Ultra Thin & Crispy Whole Wheat Crust (11 points)
1/2 cup  Spicy Pepperoni Sauce (3 points)
2 cups  Fat Free Shredded Mozzarella (4 points)
16  Lower Fat Pepperoni Slices (2 points)
Add Veggies, as desired   (0 points)
(I used: fresh oregano, spinach, green pepper, and portobello mushrooms.)
Total Points: 20

Twenty points seems like a lot, especially since you might only get 26 points for your daily allowance. However, two slices - or a quarter of the pizza (5 points) felt like a full meal to me.  If you know about WW, you know that fruits and vegetables don't count towards your daily points, so you can add as many as you like and not change the total number of points.  I used mostly what I had on hand, but definitely could have loaded more on.  Also, you could easily cut the amount of cheese in half, and do without the pepperoni, thereby saving 4 more points.

The best part of this was it really did taste like thin crust pizza... but I didn't feel bloated and lethargic afterward, like I usually do after commercial pizza.  Yum!  

For dessert we had sugar and white chocolate-chip chocolate cookies with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, at Bass Concert Hall, while we waited for the doors to open to WICKED.  More on that experience later.  Yes, I shall be serving up a full review of the performance.  

I can sense your excitement already.  Wait, maybe that's about the pizza?

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