Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Virgin Voters

I exercised my rights yesterday. Did you?

Don't worry! I won't bore or ignite you with any of my political beliefs, and I do not think a my blog is the place for any of that. I'm old school. I sorta feel your politics should be your own business. And I don't want to alienate any of my friends.

I'm a romantic about these things, so for me it is somewhat more about the experience, than it is about the outcome - however wrong that might seem in your minds. I will say that I believe the next four years will come and go, probably much the same as they would have had the other guy won. Personal history, however, was made yesterday. I voted in person for the first time in a Presidential Election. The last two elections I've had to submit an absentee ballot, since I lived out of state. I voted for the first time electronically, and it was quick and easy! Also, I voted for the first time as a married woman. I had the charming benefit of being able to calmly discuss the candidates and their platforms with my husband. Possibly the best history made yesterday, was that the hubs voted for the first time ever, period. I was super glad I got to be a part of that. We walked down the street to the little church which was our polling place, and waited in line together. It was exciting. I loved seeing all the other people in line and wondering who they were voting for (in Austin it's a little less obvious than the rest of Texas).

And then I made him wear a sticker and let me take his picture for posterity.

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