Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh the places you'll go...

The NUMBER ONE bad thing about Pinterest is that it makes me want to travel A LOT.  I barely have money to live in my house in my own city, so it is painful to imagine taking trips that might not happen in the foreseeable future.  Now, if you read you know that we have an elaborate trip planned to Greece and possibly surrounding countries planned tentatively for our Oneiversary next spring, but here are three other places a little closer to home, and possibly a little less of a dent in the pocketbook, that are really looking appealing right now!

Nantucket & Boston, MA

I'm just a HUGE sucker for the East Coast.  I feel like at least a 1/4 of my heart will always reside there, mostly because for a 1/4 of the year they actually get to experience FALL WEATHER.  I will always harbor bitterness for this against Texas and do so specifically and with particular fire in the midst of 100+ degree summer.  The Honey and I did NYC last fall right before our engagement (and that's another story for another day) and I would LOVE to go back again, but I also love Boston and its revolutionary history is one of my favorite time periods.  I've never visited Nantucket, but I can envision me in white & navy stripes very at home on this picturesque beach!

Source: via Larkin on Pinterest

Seattle, WA

Wow.  Just wow.  Do you need a better reason?  I bet you expected me to post the Space Needle, didn't you?  Sure it's what you would recognize right away, but I find this a more gorgeous view as much as I love the cityscape.  The first home of Starbucks, Pike's Place Market, Giant Sequoias, and Puget Sound are reasons enough!  Can't really put my finger on it, but Seattle just strikes me as a really amazing place to visit.  Okay, okay, it's really just Grey's Anatomy that's the draw.  (not.)

Savannah, GA

Now, people might debate about how "Southern" Texas is, but you have to plead no contest when you're talking about Savannah, GA.  Old plantations, river boats, and yet another US war time period preserved with care lead me to have great interest in spending a few days here.  The huge houses with wrap around porches, true southern cooking, and oh. my. goodness... these trees...  In a word, DREAMY.  And have you seen any Georgia weddings lately?  Whew, they are gorgeous.  Who cares about Atlanta!  Let's hit up coastal Savannah.... and while we're there? Hilton Head Island you say?  Okay by me!

Three unique cities in all different parts of the US of A!  The nice thing about travel and me is I'm really pretty easy to please: as long as it's some place new, there's a bit of history to revel in, and they serve up good food and beautiful landscapes - I'm down!  Sometimes I have to remind myself that we don't always have to leave our own country to see some beautiful cities.

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