Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Styled Bridal Shoot

Something exciting to report on today....

I got the photos today courtesy Sarah Ainsworth Photography from the vintage styled bridal shoot we collaborated on several weekends ago.  Sarah has written about the shoot on her blog and you can read her take and see a full list of vendor contributors here.  We are hoping this gets featured on some blogs, thereby getting us more publicity!

This was such a fun undertaking.  Sarah was already well into the planning of the session when Danielle of Sunday Hatch and I got roped in.  Sarah knew that she wanted to showcase vintage styling to use for her portfolio, since it's so trendy right now.  She also hoped to use these photos to encourage her prospective bride clientele to think outside the box when scheduling their bridal portraits.  Through a mutual friend, Danielle and Sarah were connected, and Danielle ended up offering her vintage style Jim Hjelm dress and modeling skills. :) Then I came on board to help from a design angle, and Danielle and I pooled our vintage materials to create a simple & elegant backdrop for Sarah's shoot.  More on our pooled resources later.....

We braved the heat and humidity to pull it all together in one day on some folk's private property just southwest of Houston.  We started gathering and organizing around 1:30pm and worked straight until dark.  I somehow ended up doing the floral arrangements and while I had no prior experience doing florals, really enjoyed it (I think I might have found a new love...eek)!  Danielle helped me with her eye for balance and symmetry when she wasn't busy getting made up.  Sarah had lined up some really great people to help out.  The makeup & hair artist, Leah Nygren of Your Beautiful Face Co, was so talented, in particular.

So excited she got some great shots of my (notorious) vintage blue bottle collection which is for rent!

The Hubbies, Tim and Rob, also did a good bit of sweaty labor, hanging the windows and carting the heavier pieces of furniture from here to there.  Actually, everyone did a good bit of sweating, but I don't think any of us had as much fun as Tim and Rob did trying to figure out (the engineers that they are) how to hang those windows without a ladder.  We'll never know.... and probably don't want to!

This was a really good experience to get under my belt.  There are some things I would do differently - namely not planning a shoot like this under the heat of a thousand Texas summer suns! - but overall it was a successful endeavor.  This might be a good time to plug here that if you want to do a themed or styled shoot for your engagements and/or bridals, I'm available and so are my rentables!

Here are a few more pictures I liked...

Yay!  The sweat paid off, me thinks.  How 'bout you?
Man, those cokes look good...

{ if you are interested in renting the door, dark wood table, old books, teal carafe, or blue mason jars - 
contact Danielle @ }

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