Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trendspotter: Tree {Hugging} Decor

Happy Tuesday, folks! I'm currently designing a wedding for early in November.  It's outdoors and on a patio with lots of huge oak trees.  The Bride and I have been having so much fun styling her garden party style brunch wedding, and we're trying to incorporate some beautiful items hanging from these wonderful old trees.  On my search for inspiration we found these photos.  I love this trend of hanging globes and chandeliers and streamers ... it draws the eye up, giving sort of a majestic feeling to your wedding venue.  And from a design point of view, really makes a guest feel like no detail was left out!

Source: google.com via Audra on Pinterest


Source: google.com via Laurel on Pinterest


twig globes strung with lights.


paper lanterns and lights.

balls of baby's breath.

flowers in hanging jars.

Source: google.com via KayKay on Pinterest




Basically... if you're hosting an outdoor wedding, and you've got trees to work with... please use them!   There's no shortage to what you can hang . . .

. . . as long as you've got some man power and a good ladder.

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