Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NEW News!!!

some explanations are due.  and i'm too tired to use capitalization, so bear with me.  


wait.  that was all caps.  

let me explain:

i created an awesome new business website using wordpress.  that site has a blog built in to it.  that built in blog will now be my "all things wedding business" blog.  

except i just deactivated my website.  
 why, you ask?

let me explain:

i'm doing an internship with a FABULOUS event planning company called CLINK Events, here in ATX.  really, i'm having way too much fun going to a job where i'm not getting paid, it's ridiculous.  waaaaay too much fun.  primarily what i'm doing there is planning weddings, and so my having my own business where i'm making money doing the same thing is a conflict of interest.  out of consideration to their company and my internship with them, i have deactivated my business website and my facebook page until i complete my internship and move forward with marketing my own business.  really this works out fine, because with the internship and looking for other employment on my plate, i neither have a whole lot of time to handle much else, nor to blog about wedding trends.  you can rest assured i'm still keeping UP with wedding trends, you're just not getting to read about them.  however, i still plan on keeping this blog. 

let me explain:

this blog will now be mostly a personal blog.  that means, for those of you who were all along just reading this because we are friends, well now you'll hear more about my life, my house, my plants, my boys, and what i had to eat on any given day.  and you won't have to wade through the yards of wedding to get to the personal artifacts.  for those of you who were following this for more of a professional relationship, well, you are more than welcome to keep reading, just know i won't be incessantly promoting my business or talking about how to pick out the perfect invitations or a theme for your wedding day.  i think all parties are much relieved.  

and really... i'm looking forward to just being a random blogger.  i happen to like writing, it clears my head, and so i just can't wait to dump all that garbage out here and make you eat read it.


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