Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Now Pronounce . . .

 . . . these the most beautiful gowns in the world.

Some of you probably saw this first dress posted on my Facebook wall yesterday. It inspired me to share a few of the beautiful gowns I've found both while I was planning my own wedding and ever since. Don't get me wrong... I am so thankful we were able to make my mother/grandmother's dress work for me and I have no regrets in wearing in and all the memories it now holds... however, this one, my friends... this is what I was looking for in my dreams....

elegant, classy, vintage - perfect for a casual woodsy wedding, destination wedding, or the beach even.

Details I love: 
simplicity, sheerness, 3/4 length sleeves, a bit of delicate embellishment around a nice neckline, able to accessorize with a beautiful vintage belt or other item. sigh...

{PERFECTION. Here are three more that make my heart thump! Tell me you don't agree!}

Source: None via Laurel on Pinterest

would be appropriate for a bohemian style bride, holding ceremony in an open field or rose garden.

Details I love: 
the asymmetrical draping, the lace panels, the options for accessorizing with a belt, the nude color.

perfect for the rustic wedding trend, with the venue an old barn or farm house strung with lights.

Details I love: 
 the detail! the sleeve, that this is a true 1900's piece, that lace overlay.... drool.

Source: google.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

whoa... can we say red carpet glam?!  This is so old Hollywood, glamorous movie star, fancy schmancy pants.  Perfect for a bride keeping towards a more traditional black tie affair held in a ballroom or cathedral.

Details I love: 
those little cap sleeves, the fabric twist in on the bodice, and the tasteful way it takes average to endowed!

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