Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Perfect Dress

My sister of Greenleaf Images received the following inquiry through her business website:

MESSAGE: Hi! My name is Emily,and I would like to ask a question....It's an odd question,but a question none the less!!....Let me quickly explan!...I got Engaged in Nov. 2011, we haven't set a date,but I have been looking at wedding dresses and I am not at all pleased with what I have seen!....So here's the good part. I was looking through magazine's at HEB and saw your ad in "San Antonio Weddings". So this is my question, could you tell me were the Lady in the ad got her dress,so I could get one just like it? I REALLY love everything about it ,and it would be perfect with how I want to decorat! I hope that's not to much to ask,but so many dresses today are not at all modest and I think that dress would be perfect for me...So,could you PLEASE let me know!?....I'd REALLY appriciate it!!!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!!! 

Yep.  Emily, this Lady happens to agree.  Although I did not select this dress because it was "modest," I did wear it because it it was "perfect."  Just like it was perfect for my mom in 1980 and my grandmother in 1951, exactly 60 years later it was perfect for me.  It's one of my favorite things to look back on in pictures and I don't regret not going with a big poofy white one, because this one reeked of personality, personal history, and love.

Emily, I hope you find your own perfect dress, that makes you feel truly beautiful and completes your wedding day dreams.

I hope you love your wedding dress as much as my grandmother, mother, and I do ours.

1980, my mother escorted by her brother down the aisle.

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