Saturday, June 2, 2012

Birth Days

So many things have happened in the last few weeks.  Two weeks ago was my last day of working retail... hopefully forever.  Things always get good right at the end and people are always really sweet as you're leaving, so it was with a bit of trepidation that I left the store for good on May 16th.  On top of this second guessing, I had a restless night, knowing my very pregnant sister was going in the next day for an appointment about her high blood pressure, with the possibility of a necessary inducement.

I woke up, strangely unaided by an alarm, at 7:00am and texted my mom for an update.  Maggie was in labor and the contractions were already fairly close together.  I packed my bags and waited to be beckoned.  That baby sure had good timing.  First day of self-awarded unemployment and unlimited free time, here I come!  Her labor was about 8-9 hours, and since this isn't her blog but rather mine, I'll spare you the full birth story.  The bottom line is that this baby is even more of a miracle than most.  Between being posterior (face up instead of down), not wanting to come out, and an umbilical cord that could have detached at any time during labor or pregnancy, when I finally met Samson Zane, I was completely and utterly in awe.  And not just in awe of my first and only nephew, but of my sister's power, strength, and endurance through it all.  There he was... all 10 lbs 1.5 oz of him.  Hello, World!

I will readily admit that my heart changed about babies, birth, and motherhood.  Since I grew out of planning elaborate outings with my baby dolls, motherhood (aside from to my dog) has never been something I aspired to with any great thought or energy.  I'm still unsure that I would ever feel ready, or that I want to be a parent, but I'm not sure you ever are... ready.  And while I will love my Mr. Dog and his cuddles till the end of time, having a little sleeping baby on your chest is pretty super indeed.  For now I will just enjoy his snuffling sounds and the fact that he is the first baby that doesn't seem to cry endlessly when in my arms.  

I will be the Greatest. Aunt. Ever.

My personal new year was also sort of eclipsed by Sammiepie's arrival, as it rightfully should.  But I did begin my 27th year without much wailing or nashing of teeth.  And I received a label-maker from the Hubs.  Which, if you know me, will make perfect sense and you will be able to imagine the pure joy this gift gave me.  My sister made me a Funfetti cake (two years running!), by request, and we celebrated with drinks and a day by the pool.  I think she thought transposing the numbers on my cake would make me feel hopeful for the future.  I can't say that it worked.  But what did make me feel hopeful was the rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song I received from Tim and Nathan.  I'm hopeful I never have to hear it again.

I am really glad we only come out of our mother's vagina once.  We can celebrate that!  

Yes, I said vagina.

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