Monday, December 10, 2012

Winding Down with a lot of Ups

If I have been remiss about blogging, I shall have to blame it on my friend Danielle for loaning us The Hunger Game series for Tim to read. This resulted in me stalking Tim and the books every evening this last week, waiting for him to finish and fall asleep, so that I could stay up until the wee hours solidly intwined in the story... for the second time. 

We are feeling good the last few months. Particularly, a lot has changed and developed for both of us and our careers. And they have all been Ups, fortunately. Typically, I spend more time thinking and writing about what I'm thankful for right around Thanksgiving. I really try to use that holiday to refocus, and prepare myself as we approach Christmas and (especially) the New Year to have the right attitude and mindset going forward. I try to be reflective and humbled. This is not easy for me because I'm a pretty self-absorbed person, and when good things happen to me I tend to think I deserve them. But of course, I had a big wedding the weekend after our turkey celebration, and as a result spent the weeks leading up to it very much consumed by other things. It's only now that I have gotten around to starting the annual holiday assessment: looking back on the year, finding all the good things, and feeling humbled.

This year, and wedding season, are winding down finally. After the big weekend coming up, I will be done for the year 2012. And what an exciting year it has been! I am both eager and slightly nervous to break out the old resolution list I made from last year to see where I stand. But that, my friends, is another post for another day. It is always nice to look back on decisions you made (quitting my dead-end job), even when you had very little faith things would turn out well, and see that pieces are falling into place. I will let Tim say "I told you so," because he did. I admit I didn't trust him, but I have him to thank for supporting me - emotionally, physically, and financially - to give me the freedom to try out self-employment.

This time last year, we were about to be blessed with a big transition work wise for Tim, and him finding a good home at a great company. This year, we have been blessed yet again, eleven months later, to celebrate his hard work for that company and enjoy a super promotion. He's very excited and rejuvenated, and feels like a long, dedicated year has paid off. I am so proud.

Of course, there are other big things that happened to use this year as well. We gained a nephew who's adorably cute. We had the good fortune to take several memorable trips. We had lots of house guests. We watched friends get married and start lives together. We deepened friendships. We sent good wishes with sister/brother moving overseas for an exciting adventure. We settled even further into our home. We didn't die of Texas summer heat.

Sometimes just surviving a year with little to no bumps, scraps, or bruises, feels like the biggest accomplishment. I'll give this one a gold star. It's always nice to end the year on a good note. I have a hard time being unhappy this time of year - I love the traditions, the spirit and the season so much. We are winding down our year with a lot of Ups, and are so thankful.

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