Friday, October 14, 2011

Cataloguing #2: Colors

Continuing with cataloguing my current favorites....  and thankful for another beautiful day!

Favorite Colors:

1. Mint & Seafoam Green
(These are really pretty much the same thing, no?)
I love the hint of vintage that mint green seems to always bring.  It's a happy color, without being too annoyingly cheerful, and it compliments so many other lovely happy colors.  
Plus, it looks edible.  I like edible.

2. Grey
oooooh, grey.  There is no other like you.  
When white is too pure and black is too morbid, grey is just right.  Nothing says WINTER like grey, and the best grey is that with a hint of lavender.  Grey is sentimental, without being too melancholy, it's neutral without being boring, and it looks. good. on. everything. 

3. White
White in one word..... Classic.  
In the same sense as a little black dress, there is rarely a time when White is inappropriate (except after labor day?).  White often plays a second fiddle to all those other happy saturated colors, and we forget that the most basic of neutrals has an impact of it's own.  And let's not even open the floor to that "White is the absence of color" debate.  Any one who has ever had to decide on paint samples for their walls, knows there's an endless number of shades. 

more favorites to come.

1 comment:

  1. I love the's definitely my favorite neutral (although these days I'm tending to wear jewel tones like they're neutrals...).