Thursday, April 5, 2012

Elastic Chic

Do you remember when we were young and girlfriends asked if you had a spare hairband?  We wore several on our wrists like bracelets, ready at all times for impending action (not that kind! for me anyway)... or just a hot day.  Oh, to be caught without a hair band if you sport a long hairdo is just the pits.  Seriously.  

Yes - I AM complaining about a first world problem - but if you've been there, you know it's a woeful problem regardless.  I actually think I used this as an excuse once not to have to participate in a basketball practice.  Men just don't understand.

I hate my hair in my face.  Hate it.  
And there is nothing worse (really. nothing.) than sweaty hair stuck to your sweaty face when you're trying to look and feel pretty.  Especially in the summer here in Texas - most days I give up trying to look pretty - but when I do try, I usually opt for hair up, not down.  Otherwise I end up with a limp mess stuck to my scalp.  I've spent the last several years growing my hair out and getting it long and healthy.  As backwards as it sounds one of the reasons I decided to do this was to beat the heat.  Sure, with long hair I have a lot more hair on my head, but the longer it is the easier it is to get it all off my neck, out of my face, and out of the way.  

Rarely will you EVER find me without a hairband.  It's my first defense against discomfort.  I mean, here I am half way around the world in South Africa and what is that on my wrist?
 A black Goody rubber band.

Yet another first world problem: I hate going to fancy events and having a cheap black rubber hair band on my wrist.  I don't accessorize well, but I KNOW I can do better than that.  I've tried leaving them at home, really I have, but then you find yourself at that windy beach wedding or a hot summer date night out, and oh my goodness.... AGONY: hair in the face.

Then... per usual... Anthropologie to the rescue!  I've been seeing these cute hair ties around for several months now, but hadn't found a place that sold them.  Supposedly, two tweens in L.A. designed these hair ties that double as a headband and POOF: they are a super hip trend.

Of course, Anthro has their own version that is more expensive.  But they are more... adult.  And I can't say I'm much for glitter or sparkles, but should I ever get taken to the opera or a black tie event... this one just might accompany me, on my wrist. 

 Even I can deal with this.

And did I mention they are strong, seem durable, and don't get tangled in your snarls?
No more cheap black Goody hairbands for this girl.  And no more hair-in-face fiascoes.

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