Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Year of Marriage

A whole year.  One year of marriage.  
In some ways it flew by incredibly fast, and in others... well, kicking and screaming.  
March 20, 2012 marked our first wedding anniversary. 

Clearly... this post is late.

First anniversary gifts are suppose to be in paper form.  While our "real gift" is going to be our (paper) tickets to Greece -- finally -- I wanted to do something else, something small and personal, and something free.  

Starting on March 1 and counting down, I wrote the Hubs a note every day.  I will admit that there were several instances especially towards the end, that I got a day or two behind, but I wrote all 20 notes.  I didn't really have a plan when I started, or any idea what I was going to write about or say to him in each letter.  I just knew I wanted to hand write something to him every day.

At first, I worried it would be difficult for me to think of something to say everyday that would be meaningful enough to write down.  It wasn't.  I can't say that everything I wrote was truly moving, but neither are all our conversations.  Such is life.  I noticed almost right away that the act of writing made me reflect.  Even if it was just for a few seconds once a day, I stopped and thought: about this time last year -- those last 19 days leading up to our marriage were such a special and unique time in our lives -- about our first year together, or about who Tim is and what he means to me.  I ended up thanking him for a lot of things that he does and for a lot of the ways that he cares for me, that maybe don't get acknowledged on a daily basis.

Naturally, I only wrote nice things and so the the end result was I felt good about paying him a compliment, and I feel pretty sure he felt good about receiving them.  I looked at each day with a little more positivity, sometimes searching for things to compliment where I might usually be critical.  Simply turning "bad" into good.  In writing my appreciation down, I found it to be true.  Often it just gets covered up by all the other things I choose to dwell on instead.

It got me wondering: what if I had written him a love note every day for a year?

Well... cheers to year number two!

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