Saturday, July 21, 2012

Culture vs. Cultivation


I love the city.  I keep thinking I'm going to grow out of it, like most of my pants.  But no... I really love the city.  And this is even more surprising, because I don't really like people very much.  For the most part, I could be super happy spending most of my time with just my dog, chickens, and that guy I married a while back.  

I like the convenience of a city.  I like having "access" and the feeling of community.  I like the noisy bustle during the day and the quieter bustle at night.   I like that I can see foreign films in a movie theatre (not that I do, but hey if I ever did...).  I like that I could eat out at a different restaurant 365 days a year, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and probably barely scratch the surface of the foodie realm.  I like that there is live music, theatre, and performance art.  I like that there are crazy weirdos on the corners.  I like the houses, well, the pretty ones.  I like the culture.

But by nature, I think a part of me will always feel most at home at a place like this one.  A place where you spend more time with dirt under your fingernails, than freshly polished.  A place where time isn't accounted for by the tick tock of a clock, but by the milking of cows.  A place where denim isn't a fashion statement, but pure practicality.  A place where you sow what you grow, and you eat what you harvest, and it's marvelously unmodified.  A place where you see something other than haze in the night sky, and where you hear nature knocking instead of your neighbor.  A place full of life and nourishment  and cultivation, wholesome and healthy and sustainable.


I encourage you to visit Fig + Faunarelish their pictures and experiment with their recipes.  
Or, just play this video on repeat for a little Saturday morning therapy!  
Have a healthy weekend.

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