Friday, July 13, 2012

Fridays with Friends

Did you know? It's Friday the 13th.

Starting this Friday, and every Friday for the indefinite future, I will be writing for my dear friend Danielle Goates over on her blog Sunday Hatch.   

Danielle's the owner of the Etsy store called Sunday Hatch, and famous for her wood cake plates (featured on Food Network and at my wedding:).  She's ├╝ber creative, multi-talented, hilarious, and one of the most generous people I know.  She's also started a collaborative lifestyle blog with her friends.  Danielle writes for her blog on Mondays and has a guest blogger the other four days of the week.  She asked me to write her Friday posts, and since I really should be blogging at least once a week anyway, of course I said, "yes maaaaa'am."  I'll still be writing new content for alittleWhitenoise, but Fridays will be shared with Friends!

Me, Danielle, and the Mister at our wedding.  She was our wedding singer!

Please click on over and check out my first Friday post!

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