Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Craig & Me, we {heart} Lists...

Craigslist is, you know, a tricky thing.  If you know how to work it you can find some of the most amazing things people want to be rid of (remember that whole "one man's trash is another's treasure"? -- yeah that totally applies).  Sometimes they are completely FREE.  So it's especially wonderful if you are poor (like me) and want eclectic pieces of furniture that might otherwise cost a small fortune.  I used Craigslist to find both our apartments in Washington, DC, to get rid of stuff when we moved, and to pick up things I wanted on the cheap.  I think it's a great resource, even though a lot of people disagree, and I'm sure this is because most folks like to know where their belongings came from and how exactly they were treated.  But as long as it's in good condition and doesn't seem infested with some sort of bug or mold, I'm usually game for a curbside gain with a backstory I don't know.  (note: I would never use someone else's mattress, or anything from an unknown former owner for a new baby, and sofa's are questionable....unless they are vintage and/or I'd recover them anyway.)

Today I'm on the hunt for wicker.  I love wicker (usually the unpainted kind) and think it can be so perfect for your front or back porch.  In this case, since we already have a porch swing, I think it will be perfect for our back deck.  Here are some options I found today.

* * *
Don't you just love the flared arms and curved backs on this beautiful pair?  If you've ever seen Disney's Aladdin you might agree: these chairs remind me of how the enchanted flying carpet looks when it stands on it's little tassle legs and walks around.  So Cute!

image 0
2 Pier One matching wicker chairs. Each originally ~ $150, now $80 for pair or $50 for one.
image 0
$35 OBO. It is in good condition. It measures 21 inches tall by 16 inches wide.

Happy Birthday to me?  That's what I said to Tim.  He didn't really take me seriously.

* * *

This wouldn't work for our deck, but I love a good fixer-upper, so I couldn't resist!  Some people might like that green velvet.... no thanks.  I'm down with velvet.  It has a time and a place.  But this chair could be brought easily into present day with some new padding and material.  I'd have a debate with myself about painting it, but it would be on the table as an option.  I guarantee you this chair could look like $150 with minimal help.

vintage wicker chair for $45
* * *

I can't wait to have a deck porch.  I also can't wait to have some wicker to set on it.  Patience is hard to come by!

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