Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my first spot o'blog

Jumping on the bandwagon here, folks.  So... I used to "blog" back in the days of livejournal and xanga... do you remember those?  Now Facebook has taken over the world (and my life) so I didn't really see the purpose in having a public opinion blog for several years, it felt like shameless self-promotion... until I started reading other people's.  Then I realized that if they felt what they had to say was important, surely whatever I felt like saying probably was, too! 

And there you have it.  I caved.

On a more serious note: I believe that when you begin things it is good to have a statement of purpose, even if that purpose is vague, unfiltered, and irritatingly dancing just out of reach.

The truth is I'm not really sure why I'm blogging, or exactly what material this blog will eventually cover consistently.  I'm sure it will encompass wedding inspiration, interior design, home furnishings, event planning, pretty little things and DIY projects, because those are my current craze.  I'm also newly married and beginning that phase of my life and documentation is nice to look back on.

But what I do know for certain, and what I can state here, is that after quitting my desk job, growing a green thumb, and planning my own wedding this past March, I came into my own... creatively speaking.  Not only that, I realized that I had artistic ideas that (who knows why?) other people valued, admired, and wanted to take part in.  All that surprised me as much as anyone, trust me.  But along with some self-confidence, I also gained that desire to share ideas and bounce ideas and steal ideas.  So that's what this is folks... my place to share, bounce, and steal.



Also, I have joined the Pinterest trend.  If you already know you like my style, or if after reading this you're interested, follow this button to my Pinterest site!  happy pinning!

A little photo from our session with my sister a few weeks ago...
 copyright Greenleaf Images 

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