Friday, May 13, 2011

The day I crashed Blogger... & Birthdays

Well, my stint with Blogger as a host site will be short lived - I assure you. 

Less than 24 hours after my first carefully crafted post, Blogger crashes and my post is sent into cyberspace limbo.  Fantastic.  Not really.  So Tim is going to hastily buy a domain (?) and build me my own website.  This will actually be much better suited to the amount of blogging I really should be doing and the types of things I want to be able to post (pictures, inpsiration boards, etc).  I think it will be an all encompassing design site, but also good to promote my new business endeavors.  Stay tuned for launch date.

What really is fantastic is we are well into the month of May now.  We got hit with torrential rain two days ago (the kind where it's so gray outside you just go back to sleep, which I did) and it was lovely.  We hadn't seen rain for over three months.  But really, the month of May is a fantastic month because it's my birthday month!

I've never been big on celebrating my own birthday... until this year when something really important came in the mail.  Apparently, if you sign up for an Anthropologie card, you also get a little birthday gift.  If you know me at all, just getting to stand in Anthro and sniff is gift enough, so to get an actual gift from them is pretty fabulous.

So I decided to compile some things off their website that I might use said gift for, check it out.

Also, happy birthday to my little sister who turned 24 years yesterday.

I love the simple color block of this dress.
Easily worn as a sheath or with a neutral belt.

This belt is so simply, yet so eye-catching with it's asymmetry.
 I love the quad loop and the bright round button of a belt buckle.

Terrific shape and twinkle!

Green Beauties!
A light weight shirt with detailed sleeve. 
Clearly very cute with jeans and would make a casual outfit  a perfect 10 with very few accessories. 
Speaks for itself.

A color that will never go out of style,
and a shape that mixes with almost any style outfit, too.


I think any girl would feel beautiful in this shirt.  The pattern is delicate and flowery without feel overly estrogen-infused.  The neckline is flattering and the pattern brings in so many colors to accessorize with.

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