Monday, May 16, 2011


I was inspired by an inspiration board I saw on a wedding blog,The Wedding Chicks, for a Gypsy Engagement Shoot.  I felt like their board left a lot to be desired, BUT I do think a "gypsy theme" is a fantastic idea.  Before I ramble about that, I'd like to just comment here on a new trend in the wedding industry....


If you haven't been a bride in the last couple of years, or you simply aren't on the look out for it, the whole "trendy wedding" thing has probably passed you by.  But there is good reason why so many designers, photographers, videographers, etc are jumping onto the bridal industry bandwagon -- some of the most beautiful, stylish events are now weddings.

Gone are the days of boring and bland . . .
When I was planning my wedding, I made a joke about how much time I'd been spending shopping for crafts in Hobby Lobby.  A friend said "Oooooh, please tell me you're not having a 'HOBBY LOBBY wedding'!?"  I didn't know what that meant, and I was immediately worried, because.... YES, a lot of materials being used at my wedding were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  However...they hadn't been purchased in the bridal section, with the fake flowers, all-in-one sets of garters and veils, and even white trellises with ivy.  So I was safe from what this friend deemed the pre-fabricated "Hobby Lobby wedding style."  Basically a packaged deal.  Unfortunately, many people are not.  I'd hope that in most cases it's for many reasons, from lack of funds to lack of availability.  Sadly, I think in many cases it's just pure lack of imagination. 

I love traditions, but there ARE many cases when tradition is NOT your friend.

Now, if you had the kind of wedding I just described, I apologize if anything I said here offended you.  You are not to be blamed for past years of tradition and typicality!  You were a victim.  Before the weddings of today, there were very few people who even considered having non-traditional ceremonies & receptions.  But some brilliant business-minded entrepreneur realized that NOW everyone wants to be unique and show personality and be treated as individuals . . . and they went right ahead and capitalized on it. 

[I'll just admit it... I'm trying to, too.]

My point is this.... WHEW.  Weddings can be fun, not stuffy.  Weddings can make you gasp with delight over the thought and detail applied.  Weddings can be creative, theatrical, fantastical, whimsical, elegant affairs... and all this on a budget, too!

So now, if you've read all of that your reward is to see the beeeee.u.tiful gypsy inspiration board compiled by Yours Truly.  Compare it with the "professional" one and then you tell me which one you like better.  This preeeety much took me all day because I'm still learning Photoshop.

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