Saturday, June 11, 2011

Etsy Finds for a {perfectly Rustic wedding}

Happy Weekend!  Time for some online shopping . . . could very easily be my best friend.  No where was more kind to me when shopping for Christmas gifts or gathering wedding inspiration.  You avoid crowds, no one gets irritable when you stand in the aisle debating for long minutes, and who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?  Not to mention, I just plain LOVE supporting craftsmen&women and getting homemade goodies.

If I were planning a rustic wedding, Etsy is the first place I'd go.  There are so many stylish pretty little things that can take your special day from bland to BOOM.  It's all in the details, folks.  Here are some things on Etsy right now I think would look amazing in a field, in a barn, in a little chapel, or on you, if your day has a rustic theme.

Etsy seller: SigneNjustJewellery / rosecut diamond ring, 18 karat gold

Wedding on a budget?  This gorgeous little diamond ring fits the simple and unique trend.

Etsy seller: CathodeBlue / vintage digital numbers

These cute little digital numbers would look really nifty used as table numbers.

Etsy seller: sewnnatural / felt handsewn hanging hearts

You could dangle these from a tree, off the pew or chairs, or purchase a whole bunch and get married under a hundred miniature hearts hanging over head.

Etsy seller: sofiartTOYS / all natural + organic soap wedding favors 

Maybe I'm the only sucker for soap, but I do love it and I would be a very happy wedding guest if you sent me home with one of these.  Plus they are just so darn cute. 

Etsy seller: the dainty woods / woodland chalkboard

Let's face it: everyone and their dog is using chalkboards at their weddings!  I did it and I get why - you can reuse them afterward.  However, this one takes the cake with its rustic twist, and I love even after the festivities you can hang it like so and write little love notes to one another.

 Etsy seller: GoRustic / Card Box

Set out a personalized box like this one for guests to drop their cards to you.  Then later store wedding mementos in it.  Or better yet, going as a guest?  Give this as a gift!

Etsy seller: vintagegreenlimited / centerpiece or cake topper

I am not a big fan of birds, but this set I quickly warmed up to.  Look at those little heart feet!  Perfect as cake or table topper or to mark your guest book.

Etsy seller: FigsandGinger / boy+girl keepsake bunting wood cake topper

Speaking of cake toppers, this one is cute and definitely a keepsake.

Etsy seller: savagesalvage / tangled decayed upcycled pearl bib necklace

The seller calls this "Mermaid Farts."  I can see why, but I wouldn't tell anyone that if you decided to wear it on your wedding day!  It's so pretty though, how could you not?

Etsy seller: Sunday Hatch / wooden cake plates

My friend Danielle & her husband make these cute wooden cake plates.  These are so popular right now and look adorable with a pretty white cake perched on top.  Also make great centerpieces!

Etsy seller: NutfieldWeaver / khaki burlap pew cone

Whether a row of chairs or a wooden chapel pew or a plank bench, this burlap pew cone filled with lavender would be a pretty and romantic touch.

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