Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Drumroll. I've decided to stop linking my blog to Facebook. Mostly because it seems like annoying self-promotion, and I never liked doing it to begin with. Like "Hey, come read my journal, cause I'm cool and shit!" With lots of "!!!!!!" of course, because I'm reeeeally that hyper and enthusiastic about anything in real life. I mean, if someone did that to me I'd immediately be turned off, in the same way that I run from overly cheery people in person. Run like the wind. So I figure - if people want to read and participate in the conversation I have going here, they will. I don't need Facebook to remind them to do so. (However, statistically I apparently DO indeed need Facebook to remind them, because I see my analytics and most people link in here through FB, which is just sad, sad, sad. So goodbye readers....)

[Sorry if you found that a convenient means of following the bloggidy. I can help you figure out other ways to be notified when there's a new post up - like entering your email address over there ⟼ in the sidebar where it says get posts via email. It will send you the entire post in an email every time I update. Easy.]

It is good for me to be writing more regularly. I'm attempting what many authors do when they need to generate content but aren't really "inspired": write as much as possible for short periods of time each day, as a forced activity. I used to let ideas sort of bubble up and roll them around a while, before I'd sit down to write them out. What ended up happening was that then I would ultimately come to a negative conclusion and rant about whatever it was in a really long post. No one really likes to listen to negativity OR ranting. I don't want to feel like I'm writing anything here that I wouldn't want to read myself on someone else's blog. I don't want to abuse the forum. That doesn't mean I feel like I have any sort of real responsibility to anyone who reads this, because I'm selfish and I'm writing pretty much for selfish reasons. BUT I did select a public venue for writing, because I value conversation and I hoped for feedback on some of the issues I struggle with and voice here. So you people do count for something. ❤

No shortage on praise around here, either.

Right now, this blog is a daily activity that I'm making a responsibility for myself. To sit down and write. Period. It's a daily clearing of whatever clutter is in my head. Make way for the new stuff of tomorrow! I like it being a part of my routine. I like tapping out my thoughts. It doesn't give me the instant gratification that FB does, where people respond right away and serve up opinions like apple pie, but I think that's actually better in the long run. This way, I'm only writing honest stuff. I'm not writing for any reason that I intend to exploit in some sham of a popularity contest. I'm writing to write. I'm writing for me. I'm writing for you, if you choose to read. This is both your warning and your choice.

My blog is growing a little backbone. I think.

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