Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Funny (& Furry) Valentine

Everyone has a different opinion about Valentines Day, and that's fine. I get that it's a commercialized "made up" holiday, designed purely to make money off of people. So what. It's an excuse to do nice things for people you love. I like excuses to do nice things and spend money, so I use them every chance I get. What's been exciting is teaching Tim that this is a good thing, too.

A few weeks ago I said something like "So what should we do for V-day?" And he said, "I've been thinking about that... what would you like to do?" My original thought wasn't too original: I suggested we have a nice dinner at Moonshine, a fabulous restaurant here in Austin. They have to-DIE-for Green Chili Mac n' Cheese, which I've been dreaming of since the last time I had it - back in August. Moonshine is super hip, and of course I'm all about super hip. It also happens to be slightly more expensive than places we might eat on an ordinary night out, and that is primarily what was going to make it "special."

The next day I sat down to do our bills and straighten out our budget and I decided I just didn't want to go drop a big wad on dinner. Why not do something creative and fun and free instead? I told Tim we needed a new plan. His response was "I'll take care of it." If you are a lady, and you are in a relationship, you know how swoon-worthy that phrase is. If you are a lady, and you are in a relationship, and you are an event planner, these are some of the most thrilling words a man can utter in your direction.

I wish this story went somewhere cool. It doesn't really, so you can stop reading now if you want, although I'm about to get to the pictures. Suffice it to say - Tim has been overwhelmed by work. You know in the movies where the couple come to realize they are living separate lives, barely seeing or talking to each other, and it's all because of work? That's our life right now. He gets up early, goes in to work early, works late, comes home and changes clothes, goes to work out, comes home eats dinner, does more work on his computer, and goes to bed. Awesome. I am so in love with that story. Blerg. So when I said we needed a new plan, I mentioned QUALITY TIME would be nice. 

On Valentine's Day, I was still wandering around in my PJs when Oscar went crazy announcing Tim was home on his lunch break. He had brought me a pound and a half (!) of Chewy Sprees, chocolate covered strawberries, and my favorite gourmet chocolate bar. More importantly, he had taken his short lunch break to drive home just to see me and say hello. I was surprised of course, and a little caught off guard, because I thought whatever he was "planning" was happening on Friday. More importantly, I thought MY plan was ruined. My plan that I had come up with the night before to take him fun things at work.

I don't think holidays like V-day have to be left all up to the men. I LOVE to plan things, I enjoy it, I definitely had the time, and I thought Oscar and I could treat Timmypie to a little surprise. So I was relieved that he was just home for his lunch break, and not home for good, and our covert operation was still "a go." Tim went back to work, and Oscar and I went shopping. We put together a gift basket full of healthy snacks: sunflower seeds, pine nuts, dried mango, wasabi peas, and Naked Green Machine juice. Not so healthy snacks: Aged 10 Year Kentucky Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey and a Mast Brother's handcrafted chocolate bar. And we got a balloon, for Oscar to take to Tim. I sneakily called his office manager, found out when Tim would have some free time in the afternoon, and then set off for his work.

Clockwise from Left: Oscar not happy about his balloon, us en route to surprise Tim,
Oscar wondering when his balloon was going to make him fly, and the assorted goodies we got Tim.

Oscar got super excited when we got to Tim's work. Ashley - the office manager - saw us coming, Oscar straining at the leash and me with my arms full. The "plan" was that she was going to buzz Tim and have him come into the reception area. When we got through the door, though, Oscar started his high pitched yipping and jumping around like crazy. I think he was both excited to be there and annoyed with the balloon that inexplicably followed him everywhere and kept bopping him on the head. According to Tim's co-workers, as soon as Oscar barked once, Tim popped right up out of his seat, said "That's my dog!" and set off down the hall to greet us. Oscar was a big hit. Everyone came out from their cubes to meet him, and they loved his balloon.

Oh, and thanks to Tim sharing his bottle of bourbon all afternoon, I win Most Popular Wife of the Year at the office. Liquor will always, always trump candy, ladies - in case you were wondering - especially if your husband is generous and shares with the office. Also thanks to Tim's sharing, he now has only about a 1/3 of a $40 bottle left. Clearly, he and his co-workers were playing Mad Men at work all afternoon.

That was Valentine's part uno. Part dos was our picnic today at Zilker Park. We finally used our picnic basket which was a honeymoon gift from my mom and sister for our train ride to Marfa. Unfortunately, it was a bit bulky to take on the train, so we didn't get to use it. Today we packed it full of boiled eggs, veggies and hummus, girl scout cookies, coconut water, and Sofia champagne-in-a-can.

It was such a beautiful day. So many people and dogs were out, picnicking, playing sports, and enjoying the sunshine. We spread a blanket, and soaked it up while gazing at the Austin skyline. Oscar ate THREE rawhides, and sniffed a lot of dog butts. He got the fresh air and exercise he needed, and I got the QT I had asked for with my Valentine.

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