Saturday, February 2, 2013

Facebook Free

If you're reading this, and you linked in from Facebook: be not alarmed! It is possible to share a blog post without actually checking my newsfeed.

People, sometimes our lives need perspective. I've started this post at least three different ways, and perspective is what I ended up with. Lord, help me. I need it. I need it every day of my life.

In an effort to substantially reduce my reliance on Facebook for entertainment and social networking, and just to refocus my priorities, I'm attempting to go Facebook-free for the month of February. I'm not going to be a Nazi about it; I accept that our society has come to a point where some things are inescapable. Some business is only managed on Facebook, as sad and depraved as that really, truly is. I have to face the fact that Facebook is free advertising and networking for my small business, and it would be bad for me to completely walk away from that for a month. However, I'm going to try to avoid all personal interaction. Really try. Yesterday was day one, and it was weird. Today was day two, and it was difficult, but easier than I expected. Do you have any idea how many times I had a mental response to something I read, overheard, or witnessed that I immediately wanted to status update?

It was gag-inducing.

Okay, sometimes I smirked. I'll have to "be okay" with finding myself funny without needing an audience to laugh with me (or at me), for at least a month. When I think about all the other really important things people have to give up every day, I believe I can manage not having a laughing audience. (And that's an exaggeration, anyway. I seriously doubt people even chuckle at most of what I say. I'm not a funny person.)

I can't believe I live my life thinking in Facebookisms! I made sure to do simple things like delete the FB app from my iphone and the bookmarked link on my browser, which has helped immensely. I must have unlocked my phone 30-40 times only to realize, I had no FB to check up on. My hope is by the end of the month I will feel so free from constant updates and notifications and statuses that I will not reinstall the app on my phone, and will only spend a small amount of time "catching up with people" (because that is how we ALL try to justify it) from my actual computer.

I'm embarrassed. Like really repulsed by myself. The only reason I'm sharing this is because I think it will hold me accountable. Actually, it already has. Today I had to check an event date on FB, and almost without thinking I responded to something in my notifications, and almost immediately my sister texts me "What happened to no Facebook?" Shit. Caught red-handed. It's okay. I'm not going to receive thrashings or time outs.... just snarky reminder texts! Good for her - that is exactly what I wanted people to do.

This all started a few weeks ago when I said to a friend - who will remained unnamed - "I'm so depressed at how much time I spend looking at other people's lives, and not living my own." Well, that's a little smarter-sounding than what I said. I think what I really said was "I hate how much time I spend on FB. Like, I don't even LIKE it! It's stupid! It's boring!" Then I mentioned I'd been thinking of giving FB up for Lent. Neither of us were sure when Lent actually started. Or when it ended. So I settled on the month of February, and she started immediately. However, this friend was smarter than I - and decided not to announce her departure, so people wouldn't freak out when she accidentally commented or posted a picture. Go friend.

Also, I had a lot more to say about perspective -- I spent all afternoon reading a mother's blog about her infant's struggles with spina bifida. That was what led me to "perspective." Giving up Facebook? No biggie. -- but in an effort to keep my posts shorter, less rambly, and more readable, I'll leave it at that for today.


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