Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Daily's v.2

This beautiful weather we've had lately has been so invigorating. I've been pretty motivated to work outside and start preparing for our garden. We really need to get that sucker up and running if we plan to have any summer veggies. I pruned my first cactus this week. Didn't know you could or should prune cacti, but apparently it is good for the plant, and definitely necessary for container cacti or any you don't want to get out of hand. This one was out of hand - check out how big the pads were getting. And I thought this heart-shaped pad was cute - although it is sort of a stretch to call it heart-shaped.

Our rental home was built in the 1920s by our landlady's uncle. When he built the house, he also planted a lot of irises around the yard. In the many years since, and with various renter negligence, they've spread and popped up in weird places. Last time our landlady was here she mentioned we could definitely weed some of them out. So last week I took to the bed and started pulling. These were the gigantic bulbs I came up with. We're going to dry them and give them to friends and family for replanting.

Lately, Christina and I have been hitting up different cafes for brunch and coffee. We've been to Texas French Bread three times in the last two weeks! We are addicted to their banana walnut pancakes which are like nothing else I've ever eaten. They are fluffier and tastier than regular pancakes and don't leave you feeling lethargic and bloated afterward. Clear winner. On Sunday, our attempts to try a new church with Christina and her husband Earl were thwarted by the Austin Marathon and road closures, so we defaulted to TFB and banana walnut pancakes, yet again! There was this really cute, and very patient corgi named Billy Austin, which we fawned over quite a bit.

In other, even less exciting news, I scored my highest yet on a word in Words With Friends. Being Facebook free has really helped my game quite a bit. The winning (and totally unassuming) word?

This may not seem traumatic to any of you, but I had to buy new sheets. Two years I ago I found the perfect sheets. Neither Tim nor I like really soft sheets. I can't stand those silky Egyptian cotton or jersey materials. The gross slick feeling aside, I hate that they alway always appear messy. And they make me sweat. I know everyone is all about high thread count, but that doesn't always equal better sheets. The higher the thread count, the less breathable the sheets seem to get. No, we prefer a crisper - almost rough - cotton. However, with a sweaty man and a dirty dog, the white sheets I bought only stayed white if I bleached them every single time I washed them. It finally was just too much, and a month ago I found a hole. (My sad tale carries on....) The brand I bought a few years ago seems to be no longer available. This sucks big time, but I sort of wanted a patterned sheet anyway - and that company only makes solids. So while I am mourning our loss, this forced me to branch out. I finally settled on a set from West Elm, and they took some getting used to, but now I really like them! And I love having a pattern to look at everyday.

Oscar approves.

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