Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The one about the Teeth.

Yes, I'm aware these are not human teeth. I couldn't handle pictures of human teeth in a jar, so I went with animal. I believe these are alligator.

There are some bad dreams that are worse than dreams of falling or people you love dying. Those dreams involve teeth.

Teeth falling out, teeth rotting out, teeth knocked out, teeth pulled out, teeth becoming crooked. Oh, the variations of terror available to my morbid subconscious. I hate dreaming about my teeth. Just to reassure you, they are all still there -- for now.

Last night, I introduced a new topic for nightmares: dreams about eyeballs. In this dream (the details of which I do not recall fully), I was confused as to why - upon opening my eyes in the morning - my vision was blurry and fuzzy, and no amount of rubbing my eyeballs fixed the matter. Holy Shite.

Since I had LASIK last June, I've just added a thousand more things to worry myself about. Amongst all the possible side effects - some of which I experienced and some of which I didn't - there is the chance of vision regression. Changes in your vision post-surgery can take place usually for up to a year after surgery, sometimes longer. This of course is excluding the natural changes that will occur as you age. To my knowledge, I haven't experienced any regression, and I was clocking in at a steady 20/20 at my last appointment. But of course, that doesn't mean I can't dream up horrific scenarios about it.

I would find a way to worry about something that hasn't actually happened and that shows no signs of actually happening in the future. I really, really need to work on that.

Still, the teeth win. The teeth are the worst.

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