Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baking is Sexy

It's a fairly common belief there are two types of people:

Those that love to cook. And those that love to bake. 

I'm sure there are a few wildcards, but I do find that this theory seems to be mostly true. I bet you can guess which category I fall into. Yes - give me enriched flour and white sugar any day, and I will make your dreams come true.

There is something so beautiful about baking, that I don't find in cooking. Baking is messy in a pretty way - spilled sugar and flour, and a little bit of sticky egg whites, doesn't make my teeth grind like raw meat juices and veggie scraps. I dread cleaning up after cooking, which is 80% of why I don't like it. The other 20% is because I'm not good at it.

It's no surprise that my Type-A mind prefers the precise weighing and measuring of baking. The fact that I can taste-test practically the whole way through the recipe also wins points. I find utter delight in pulling something, that was just 10 minutes before a ball of wet dough, out of the oven perfectly browned and smelling sweetly. And of course, the inevitable enjoyment of each concoction just takes the cake (har har).

Baking also brings up memories of standing on a stool, licking the spoon, and sharing a special moment with my mother. It takes me romantically back to my youth, while at the same time makes me feel cultured, sophisticated, elegant, and beautiful. I can imagine that any woman, no matter how much flour she has down her front, or chocolate smeared on her face, is sexy.

Enjoy the video, my sweets!


  1. Jazz and food go together so well. My favorite thing is to bake and listen to Pink Martini. You might already know about them, but if you don't...they're amazing.